Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adrift(A Drift): Rootless, Fragile, Poetic

Adrift (A Drift):
Rootless, Fragile, Poetic

Saturday ,March 11 till Monday, April 2, 2012
Contemporary Impressions of The Drift in a working salon

Claudia Chaseling
Andy Monk
Jenny Marketou
The Walk Exchange

This exhibition qua “working salon” is centered on the idea of drifting, both in the literal sense of moving slowly without direction, and in its more art-specific sense of the Situationists dérive, or the “unplanned journey through urban landscape”. The Bogart Salon will host several artists and art groups to confront differing versions of this term through the actual working or “drifting” to, from and in the gallery over several weeks this coming March. Located in Bushwick, the newest hub of contemporary art making, The Bogart Salon is dedicated to the concept that art is not merely a product, a thing, or an idea but also, and perhaps most importantly, a social act. Thus, we are not only committed to showing objects, but also to trying to dramatize and frame the ways those objects are made and disseminated into the culture itself. Loosely imagined on the 19th century model of the salon as a hub for many different voices to speak both to one another and to the outside, the gallery becomes not merely a container of meaning, but a filter that allows for the audience, the writer, the collector to share in the creation of those meanings…So for a 4-week period the gallery transforms into an information center, a bus terminal, a working studio, a social node or simply a meeting place.

Included in this event are 5 artists and art collectives whose work is engaged with the act of “drifting”; or figuratively, their work is produced as a by-product of their own journées THROUGH the art world.

The Bogart Salon * 56 Bogart Street * Buschwick ,NY,11206

The following images are from Closing Party on Friday, March.30.2012:

The images from our discussion on Wednesday, March.28.2012:

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