Monday, July 25, 2011

Silence Project - WORKSHOP

Date: Wednesday,May 18 - Friday ,May 27. 2011

Workshop: Delphoi/Athens School of Fine Arts Annex

MILENA PRINCIPLE // Athens School of Fine Arts // Yiannis Melanitis // Rhea Thönges-Stringari // Jenny Marketou // George Byron Davos // Enrique Tomas // Geert Vermeire // Stefaan van Biesen

The project Silence is organized with the participation of several artistic labs (over 20 students ) from the Athens School of Fine Arts, organized by Yiannis Melanitis and is the first collaboration of the creative team MILENA PRINCIPLE artist Jenny Marketou and the Athens School of Fine Arts. The workshop will start its activities from Delphi (18-21 May) and will proceed to include actions at ABOUT: and the Goethe Institute (23-27 May). The activities of SILENCE include performances, installations, actions with sound and discussions involving Rhea Stringari, Jenny Marketou, G. Davos etc. Silence will be realized as a process of «constant flux» in the presentation and formulation of projects and activities, focusing our attention on the dialectics of Silence and the concepts derived from this manipulation.

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