Monday, June 21, 2010

Lighter than Fiction - Afternotes

Installation at The Project Room for New Media at CAM (Chelsea Art Museum)
March 5 through April 3, 2010 New York City


Repeatedly the intention of my installations is to create a project, which uses and inspires a space. The project room at CAM painted black and shaped like a long corridor where visitors have to go down the steps to physical enter the room gave me a great opportunity to experiment with the above notion of creating an experiential space.

The video “Levels of Disturbance” 2009 which is structured around aerial recordings (real and fictional), which I filmed flying over Los Alamos, New Mexico during the period of my artist’s residency at CCA in Santa Fe it is projected big and high on the wall across the room. The intention is so that my visitors are sucked into the projected image immediately as they go down the steps and second the projected image becomes a window you are looking through to another space beyond.

Simultaneously on the right wall is a small video projection from a stand hoping to echo the same effect of the window and which features “Stolen Bubbles” 2010 a short experimental animation fractured and reconstructed by replacing visual and sonic material from Karel Zeman’s classic animation The Stolen Airship 1966.

Both videos are recombinants of a variety of elements and stand as visual metaphors that can be seen as a whole or separate and which describe the current condition of art making and reflects in the conditions of life of creating one’s own flight freed of social, political, economic, physical restrains and confined perspectives.

"Stolen Bubbles" Video Installation View at The Project Room for New Media at CAM, 2010

"Levels of Disturbance" Video Installation View at The Project Room for New Media at CAM, 2010

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