Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Red Eyed Sky Walkers - Installation

Athen, Greece

Vas. Georgiou Β’ 17-19 and Rigillis street
January 28–March 8

Press Review:



Fixit (EMST)


PROJECT ROOM, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

The second component of Red Eyed Sky Walkers is a big video projection of nine simultaneous single channels of video streaming on the big wall in the project room at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece. By designing a special software for this project three of the channels features real time streaming from the nine surveillance cameras attached under the balloons at the outdoor peristileion, and which are used for aerial monitoring of the space around the museum .The other six channels are juxtaposed with images from you tube surveillance videos which feature public demonstrations and aggressive events between human crowds and police in urban spaces around the world. All those live surveillance images are highly ambivalent but they seem to generate their imaginary past their own suspense and hidden narratives. On the other hand they are images without “cameramen” which might trigger a dystopia fear of life, which has been disposed of people behind the “camera”.

The site specific version of the projection Red Eyed Sky Walker conceived for EMST has provided me with the opportunity to make a commentary about the relation between real time images side by side and their forces and their possibilities. What these images can do and can be done with them? If there is a metaphor that anchors these images, it is that of circulation and transport itself? A concept that acts like a gravitation center and that applies to the city’s infrastructure as well as to the traffic of surveillance images circulating.

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